Friday, March 5, 2021

The Keng Group, LLC has had over eight (8) years experience in the tax field including working with the “major accounting firms” (KPMG, PWC, E&Y and Deloitte).

We will prepare your individual tax return within twenty-four (24hrs.) hours of obtaining your information. Once, the tax return is prepared. The tax refund or tax due will be communicated via email, phone, text or any other preferred method. A digital copy will be transmitted to you for your records.

(Experienced with immigrant and/or international individual income tax. E.g., H1B Visa holders, student visa holders and etc.)

We are a mobile accounting firm. Today’s business is mobile and constantly moving with its client base. Thus, we prepare your taxes without you wasting time looking for an office. We will come to you! We are always available at your convenience should you ever require a meeting in person or by telephone. Our office is wherever you need us!

We are able to provide PAPERLESS services. All documents can be transferred electronically and all your tax returns are retained on record for your benefit, should you require it in the future.

Lastly, we have extensive experience in audits by the federal and state governments. Our guarantee will provide audit assistance should there ever come a reason that you are audited (as long as the information provide was true and correct).

The fee we charge for basic tax returns without requiring additional schedules is simple:

We charge the greater of twenty-dollars ($20) per return.


Five-percent (5%) of your tax refund for the first thousand-dollars ($1,000) – a maximum of fifty-dollars ($50) per return.

This simply means that the most you ever have to pay is fifty-dollars ($50) if we are able to obtain a tax refund of one thousand-dollars ($1,000) or more for you.

We are also able to provide numerous other federal and state tax services:

Tax return preparation for business and corporations
Sales Tax Returns,
Commercial Rent Tax and etc.
Audit Defense
Tax Financial Planning
Create partnerships, corporations, limited liability corporations, limited liability partnerships and s-corporations.

I may be reached at (347) TAX-KENG or (347) 829-5364

or at