Friday, January 22, 2021

The Harlem Pennysaver

The Harlem Pennysaver has launched our new website and will be publishing our Harlem Pennysaver community news digital publication. Advertising in New York City, connecting with other people in your community, and staying informed about the local news. That’s what the Harlem Pennysaver is all about!

The Harlem Pennysaver is a trusted resource that provides the communities we serve with a great way to stay informed, or to inform others! We are looking forward to building many more great business and personal relationships within the neighborhoods we serve and of course would like to continue building great partnerships with local businesses and entrepreneurs! The Harlem Pennysaver and the other Pennysavers in our network provide not only the local printed publications that are well known here in NYC, but has grown into a full service digital marketing agency & development agency.

We have a depth of experience in social media marketing unmatched by existing local advertising agencies or small consultancy agencies. Our clients rely on us both to develop and implement strategy for them. This experience has given us insight into how to craft strategic social media plans that can be carried out by our team or seamlessly synthesized within client teams. Ignite has led strategic integrations of social media within existing marketing plans, working alongside advertising and PR agencies, and developed plans that are both on-strategy and on-brand.

Digital Marketing Services

There are a variety of ways that we can implement digital marketing strategies for your business. With an ever-growing list of online marketing tools available, we work to establish which technologies work best for individual campaigns. Some of the way’s we leverage digital marketing to help grow your business include:

Online Surveys
Online Videos
Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)
Live Web Broadcasts
Web Development
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Offline Marketing Services

At the Harlem Pennysaver we are experts at offline marketing services that can help drive tremendous local exposure to your business.

Our offline marketing services include:

Flyer Distribution
Door Hangers
Interactive Promotions
Direct Mail
Coupon / Circular Inserts
Billboards / Posters
Media Buying

and many other proven offline marketing strategies.

As a local advertising & marketing agency in Harlem NYC, the Harlem Pennysaver is ready to help you with all of your online & offline marketing & community announcement needs!