Friday, March 5, 2021

Many New Yorkers, especially college students and young professionals find it difficult to meet the high rental cost of New York City apartments so the answer is often having a Pressurized Wall installed thus converting their studio or 1 bedroom apartment into a 2 or sometimes three bedroom apartment. As the price of rents continue to increase the demand for pressurized walls has increased as well and unfortunately for the customer, so has the price.Wallzilla was formed to meet the demands of customers who cannot afford the high price of Pressurized Walls offered by the large companies that often charge as much as $2,500 and more for a standard Pressurized Wall.Our walls are constructed using the same materials and design as the larger companies but as our overhead is much lower we can offer you a custom built Pressurized Wall at a budget you can afford. Each installation includes all materials to build the wall,a door and labor.We also install windows to allow additional light for a nominal fee.We particularly specialize in the building and installation of L-SHAPED and T-SHAPED walls and room dividers.